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The following are links to Support Groups in your area which may provide you with help and information and/or a way to meet people to whom you may relate.
  • Messies Anonymous.
    "O u r M i s s i o n: Messies Anonymous is dedicated to bringing harmony in the home through understanding and aiding the Messie mindset."


The following are links to E- mail Lists, Internet Clubs and Suppourt Groups which may provide with help and information and/or a way to meet people to whom you may relate.
  • TwelveStepGroup.
    Members of this group seek to apply the twelve steps of MA to their lives in order to overcome their disorganized lifestyles.
    Description.: "We struggle with clutter and disorganization and we are failing in the struggle. First we admit we are powerless. We turn our attention from changing the house to changing ourselves. By applying the twelve steps adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous by Messies Anonymous, we seek to find sanity in our living. These steps are similar to the AA steps. Their application to the Messie lifestyle is spelled out in Sandra Felton's book, Hope for The Hopeless Messie ($21.95 incl. postage) available from Messies Anonymous, 5025 SW 114 Ave., Miami, FL 33165 or 24 hour automated order line 1-800-MESSAWAY (637-7292) Members are urged to keep the focus on themselves. Each member may wish to refer to whatever step, slogan, or 12 step principle of each post."
  • decluttr.
    Support and info for people who collect, clutter. save in an obsessive, erational manner. OCD?
  • Messiness-and-Hoarding.
    This is a self-help group for those with serious problems with hoarding belongings or those who love them.
    Description.: "Most disorganized people tend to keep too many belongings. This site does not intend to deal with the ordinary problem of keeping too much experienced by many. It is only for those for whom hoarding is a very significant problem. Some serious hoarding, though not all, is classified as an obsessive-compulsive disorder. We encourage those who struggle with serious hoarding to seek professional psychological and medical help. For $11, the OCD Information Center at 608-827-2470 will send you a packet of articles on hoarding......"
  • Hoarding List.
    "List Name: To Hoard or Not to Hoard - That is the Question. What are the answers for us? (Hoarding in OCD).
    Purpose: Hoarding is a compulsive ritual engaged in to reduce anxiety arising from obsessional thinking. There are many different types of hoarders and many reasons for hoarding. This list is an opportunity for hoarders (and those who suffer with them) to explore this compulsion. Hoarding is one of many rituals found in people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, though OCD may often be undiagnosed for years in people with this variation from more traditional OCD symptoms."

If you know of a Support Group to add, please feel free to use this Form.

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